Break dancing workshop for the disabled (London)

Not sure if anyone would be interested in this, but thought I should post anyway!

There is a disabled break dancing crew performing at Sadler’s Wells this week and they are running workshops for the public (kids and adults).

If you’re interested, have a look here:

Karen x

Thanks Karen,and happy birthday.Sounds interesting, but I did check the calendar. It is 1 May tomorrow and not 1 April, but it does have a sort of “Really” quality to it.

I’ll be clicking on the link later. Enjoy the rest of your day and hopefully you’ll be reading this tomorrow(which is now today) with a slight hangover.

Wb x

I was thinking more… “Hmmm…”

I’ve just followed the link, and it is amazing. Those kids are a real inspiration to each other and those around them.I won’t be having a go any time soon,unless I ride my buggy onto the live rail at the railway station.



I hope there is not too much interest from the osteoporosis society