Brain stem lesion cause of symptoms?

Has anyone had a numb & tingling chin, it’s feels like I’ve had an injection at the dentist and it’s just starting to wear off. This has been constant for the last few days. About a year ago I had tingling lips and tongue for nearly 5 months, my neuro said it was because of the brain stem lesion. Could the numb chin be an indicator that the brain stem lesion is active again? Taz

Probably, could also be nerve damage. Unfortunately due to our beloved ms we do get very random and strange sensations on our skin. Sometimes I get patches of skin on the back of my hands that when brushed or touched feel like they are being sliced open with a knife…joy. It comes and goes, I count myself lucky it’s the back of my hand and not somewhere that gets touched or makes contact reguarly.

Most of my body tingles permanently too, it’s mild but it’s there from the neck down always.

I have had constant pins and needles for almost 12 months in my face ,tongue gums,and I know it sounds daft to normal folk but my teeth feel like they permanently throb. I fully get the feeling like a dentist anaesthetic wearing off feeling.

As far as I am aware I do not have a brain stem lesion though.

Take care


The trigeminal nerve terminates in the brain stem and has various branches processing pain and sensation in the face. The fact that your symptoms are in a slightly different place would probably mean that there is damage in a slightly different place, but it’s probably on the same nerve :frowning:

Karen x

Thank you for all your replies,. I’m due to have another brain scan in April, but with way I feel right now I’m a little apprehensive of what it may show, because in addition to the numb & tingling chin I’ve also been having severe body jerking, right sided stiffness and weakness in both arms. Hoping my choice of starting Tysabri pays off, just had my 4th infusion. :frowning: