Boundary dispute full of lies + hate to the very disabled

In summary: Aggressive neighbours, creating much fuss about our disability extension for ground floor bed and toilet. Now we can’t even access our property, as builders have left premises after threats from neighbours. Living three in family in rented filthy property. Life full of stress leading to relapses + infections + progression of MS. Is there any sympathy and practicality to young family, who are badly disabled due to MS and need an accessible downstairs residence. Where is my own family home? Where is respect to disabled? Anyone?

Hello Pat dear, Yes it is a criminal offence, but they know personally the local police officers well. The police are thus inclined to threaten us themselves too. Maybe we should report such officers to their commission! But the thing is throughout we are witnessing injust systems that dont wanna support poor and disabled people. The threats are like entering our private owned property, shouting loudly against our building works. When we removed trees that were on our own property, that was when the rich were first concerned, lol. Miss my house, oh yes I do!

You say it is a rented property - contact their landlord. If it is social housing they are obliged to do something about this. Get someone from the builders to back you up.


Well Liz, I have ended up nasty infection from flea bites, as the private landlords (yes private, which were can’t afford, at time when I was thinking about disability car and scooter)…landlords were least interested to sort fleas. We’ve been last looking for another rental place for last 8 months, but no success. Plus the builders after verbal threats don’t want to return till boundary is legally outlined by courts. Xxxx

Indeed Pat, my hubby has taken the case to courts. That’s taking much time. At the minute too, we are waiting for next court hearing. Have already submitted all facts and figures. It’s not only turning out to be damn expensive, but so very stressful for us. I feel like I’m guilty of disability extension and making my carer/husband and young boy! I’ve asked my hubby to certainly report such threatening behaviour of police sooner the better. Unacceptable responses from people responsible for community’s help and security. xxxx

I’m confused too, are you building an extension to accommodate your downstairs bedroom and toilet, then I’m guessing you probably own the place, you must have planning permission to do this,I would have thought building inspectors would have to be involved in this process, and someone would be project managing the extension, I would have thought one of these two lots of people would have been able to mediate with the builders. But this doesn’t seem the case, can you clarify a bit, please. Cheryl:-)

Hi all again, Sorry if my desperate jotting down was.confusing. The house we own is mortgage_paid through government and the extension was getting built there. The flea problems are in shared accommodation we are renting ie 1 room on 1st floor, from it’s stairs I tend to fall all time. And.once fallen very badly. Hope that clears things. Council permission was all granted for extension, they are waiting for next court order. It’s for few inches the NFH are making mess

Hi Pat, thanks for the tips. I bought staykill flea spray, and that sorted these out. XXXX