Botox in your bladder

Who knew that Botox could be injected into your bladder to help with bladder urgency in MS, have an appointment on Thursday with my Urologist to under take a procedure, more details on my blog All the best AL

Good Luck,

Be very interested to hear how you get on…I was offered this a few year ago when it was very new. I wasn’t keen on the idea so declined and now LDN seems to have sorted my bladder problems.


Great blog Amazon Lady!!! Really hope it works.

I had a friend who was paraplegic and he had it done on bladder with great success. And that was about 7 years ago.

Let us know how you get on… and congrats once again on your fab blog!

Pat xx

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One thing AL… at end of blog there are links to ‘share’ but not for Twitter… or am I missing something? Would like to share it on Twitter as have a lot of MSer followers.

Pat xx

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l have a ‘ms’ friend who has been having botox injections in her bladder for some years. But she does have to self-catheterise as it does prevent you from ‘passing’ normally. This adds the risk of uti’s - and l know she has had so many courses of anti-biotics that now they do not work. She has now been advised to have a SPC - supra-pubic-catheter - which does not have the same uti risks. She does have mobility and dexterity problems -so she will find the SPC an advantage.

l have a SPC - over 20yrs now. Very rarely l get a uti.

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Good luck, I have had a catheter for several years now first urethral and now supra pubic. Best thing ever for me.


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