Botox for bladder

Who has Botox for a troublesome bladder? Does it involve an overnight stay in hospital? How often do you have it and is it effective?


I am due to have the Botox done so this is based on my knowledge and not experience.

Generally no overnight stay required. I believe it can be done under a local anasthetic but can also be a general, not sure which is the normal.

I believe it is repeated around every 6 months.

Hopefully someone who know for definite will answer but, as mentioned above, this is my understanding.


I’ve had it done about every 9 months for the last 7 or 8 years. The first time was done under a general but after that it’s been done by local. Personally I wouldn’t say it was any worse than having a smear done.
Hope that helps. Give me a shout if you’ve got any other questions.
Definitely no overnight stay needed. It takes me longer to get ready for the procedure than the procedure itself! It’s very effective, I don’t even get up in the night to go to the loo now. I do have to self catheterise each time I go to the loo but I don’t find that a problem.

Thanks for your reply
Boods x

Thanks for your reply. Just rung hospital again. No new referrals being seen for the foreseeable. Wet mesen twice yesterday. Can’t fathom why cos urine is draining into catheter bag as well!!! Crazy!
Just asked hubby about going private. £175 to see same urologist privately as on NHS.
Amazing innit. Spire hospital is at end of my street!
Boods xx

I guess that is the price for the referral only. Privately Botox injections in the bladder are c £1700. So will the referral get you any closer to getting the botox on the NHS or are referrals for that also closed for the foreseeable too?

Botulinum toxin is not nearly as benign as they make out. Do inform yourself of the risks (which are greatly understated btw).

Hi Z. Since making the private appointment, the NHS have come up with a cancellation appointment for me for next Wednesday!!! What a surprise that was.
The reason I have previously refused Botox for my bladder, was because it scared me. But I have since done my research and will quiz the consultant before I decide for sure. Thank you for your reply

So guys, after making the private appointment to see a urologist, the NHS rang with a cancellation appointment for next Wednesday!!! A telephone appointment but how extraordinary eh?

Hi, I’ve had this done for years, 1st time under general, never again, I reacted to it, I couldn’t move from the waist down for nearly 7 hours, so now have local, much better, no overnight stay, very simple procedure, but embarrassing, but the end is worth it, good luck. Jean p.s. I go again tomorrow, mines every 6 mths

Have any males had Botox? If yes, what were the results?

Do you need to be catheterised before you are considered for Botox?

I had it done for years resulting in having to self catheterise every time I had a wee. This continued until my dexterity diminished and I could no longer manage. Then I had a urethral catheter whilst waiting for a SPC to be done. I have this now but am experiencing bypassing into leg bag and leakage at same time. Not so good.


Hi Jean.
Thanks for your reply. I am looking forward to getting the botox and have a better behaved bladder!

Hi, yeh, my SPC can both drain into the bag and by pass at the same tome. Hopefully when it’s had the jet wash and botox, it’ll behave better.

Hi. Jet wash? I haven’t heard of this. My Botox was carried out at a private hospital but as an NHS patient. Ask about this as an possible option.


Hi all, So I’ve been in for mine again today, which now is my 6th time, no problem at all, I have local rather than general, much easier for me, in Huddersfield Mr Byran is excellent.

Hi, Mr Bryan is indeed a lovely man. Glad your procedure went well…
gives me confidence.
Have you ever needed to have a bladder wash out/clean?

Hi, I was joking when I said jet wash…but my bladder does need a clean. That’s what I’ll be having before the botox.

No Bouds never had a jet wash LOL, only the botox. I watched it all on a monitor, as I now have local rather than a general anitestic as I reacted badly the 1st time I did, after I woke up I couldn’t move from the waist down, that lasts for a good few hours, 20 injections in total, good luck.

Thanks Jean. I dont fancy having it done with a local, but if that’s all they offer then I’ll have to do it.
The bit about not being able to move your lower half wouldnt be a problem for me, as you know. Not been able to move it for what seems like eons now!
Do you have any soreness after…like tummy cramps? Are you able to stand/weight bear still? Do you do ISC? Lots of ??? I know, sorry.

Hi Bouds, You can have a general anistetic if you like, when I say I couldn’t move I mean my lower body was so stiff, the nurse said I looked like I was made out of stone, I couldn’t even bend my legs, they felt solid, anyway it all came good in the end, but now its a local for me. I don’t really have any side effects after, no tummy pain, if anything I’m a little sore in and around my uretha, but only a bit, couple of hours later and that has passed. I self catheter and can do this straight away, so that tells you how it can’t be that bad. Where are you having yours done, Calderdale ? I’m the pvt hospital in Birkby Huddersfield, have been going there since covid kicked in, normally at HRI, now at the pvt 1 I always get Mr Bryan, not so at HRI, so I hope you get him, he takes far more care, anyway good luck, oh when do you go ?
Jean x