Boiler Finance

Just an ask for any ideas. Our central heating boiler has just been serviced and is on it’s last legs (carbon monoxide emissions etc). Is there anywhere we can get financial help with a replacement as the MS Society don’t do that anymore. We have some savings but paying for a boiler will wipe us out.




This is the current scheme to help with boiler replacement: It looks like you have to be on an income related benefit to qualify.

But there are also links to where you can get the cheapest boiler from.


We have just had a new boiler fit with the Eco3 govt grant. i am on DLA so qualified on that.we had to pay £400 towards it.If you are on PIP or DLA you should be able to get it.

Sorry, I’d not read the list of qualifying benefits thoroughly. It does include DLA/PIP.


jaydee, thanks for that. I’m on PIP so there’s hope :slight_smile:

Ssssue, thanks.

I found them great.We had the boiler fitted 10 days after i enquired online.