Grants for new boilers.

I received a phone call last week saying the government are giving grants for new boilers if yours is older than 5 years. You have to be on certain benefits or over 60, anyway I said I was on DLA he said yes that’s fine and also incapacity benefit to which he replied no it has to be ESA, so not eligible but if ring back once Im transferred over (assuming I am) I can have new boiler?

Hi, this can turn out to be a bit of a nightmare, like it was for us.

Warm Front were doing insulation and boilers for certain people. I got involved as I am on DLA…incap wasnt included as necessary criteria.

It tooks a few years of broken promises, phonecalls, lost applications and massive headaches for me! Different names kept coming on the case and then leaving and no-one seemed to know anything!

We did finally get a new boiler…about 2 years ago.

I thought I`d heard recently that Warm Front was closing down.

Is there a new name doing it now?

luv Pollx

I don’t know the name Poll, I too had a full new central heating system put in under warm front but luckily with no problems, I’m sure when I got it, it was with my dla and incapacity, I mentioned to the people on the phone who said yes that was right but it has to be ESA. It definitely wasn’t warm front as I asked and explained that I had this done with them, they said it was,ok as long as the boiler was over 5 years as I wondered if you could have it twice. It’s a government thing and I actually had two different firms ring me, I was told it had gone out to contractors and they were actually ringing up people and No doubt I would get more calls. There apparently going to ring me back mid year to which I said but will it not be over with, they said not so I await. My boiler is actually on the blink at the moment so had I had my ESA sorted it would of been great.

Just done a bit of searching on the net and warm front scheme for new boilers ended 19th January 2013 so not much point in the people who were calling saying they would ring back,mid year. Guessing will have to wait and see.

mmmm, sounds a bit of a mystery. When we had the boiler exchanged, it had to be 10 yrs old and expensive to run. It was both, but still took an age to sort.

luv Pollx

warm front came to an end in january 2012,theres a new scheme now,dont know the name of it,but think its very similar to warmfront,i had a new boiler with warmfront,no problem at all, infact my old one splutterd on until 4 days before the fitters came out to replace it, in really cold weather.

jaki xx

sorry i meant it came to an end in jan 2013

Jaki I saw that on the net and assumed it must of been what the phone calls were about but if you say there is another scheme then maybe there is hope for me lol, my warm front boiler 5 years ago was put in with no problems whatsoever as well. The new scheme poll they definitely said 5years apparently that’s the life of a boiler so they said. I know when I got my warm front one it was because my boiler was not the condensing type.

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Greetings,and may today be better for you than yesterday.Looking at the boiler issue from the other perspective,I recently had my 40 year old boiler checked out as it was noisy when warming up.The bloke had to drain some water out of the system so he could put some additive in,and the water he drained was crystal clear.

To my knowledge nothing major has been done on the system for 17 years.He said,“Treasure that boiler,it will work for ever with minimal TLC”. There are only three radiators and the one in the bedroom is permanently switched off.Why would I ever consider upgrading to something that won’t last 5 years.

The only thing that was older and was trouble was the Ex,and don’t worry,I’m not going there,