Warm Front Scheme is Ending

I needed to call Warm Front recently as my heating needs attention, Brrrrrrrrr!!

I found out that the Gov’t is ending the Warm Front Scheme in March 2013.

As of 12/11/2012 Warm Front are NOT ACCEPTING any more applications for the bigger installation jobs. So if you need their help for things like repairs to existing boilers, heating or insulation. Then call them right away before it’s to late!

Also, the Gov’t changed the Eligibility Criteria for accessing the scheme as some point, so I was quite surprised to find that DLA no longer applies!

They do these things on the quiet. Another example of kicking the poor person when they’re down.


Hi Bill

I think that this ended for dla only claimants 18+ months ago.


Hi Neil

If that’s the case, why have I received three cold-calls over the phone in as many days telling me to claim my free loft insulation -would they be bogus calls? I get DLA and still get the now defunct SDA so possibly it’s as you imply it’s based solely on DLA?



I get regular phone calls with a recorded message:

“Our records indicate that you have not yet claimed yout free insulation …”

Oh yeah! Really!
Since I had the roof insulated for free about 18 months ago, you can judge whether it was a spam call or not … …

The Government grants had a set of criteria to qualify for free insulation - and the takeup was very patchy. Some insulation contractors are saturating the areas where there is still some money available with these calls. I got my insulation on age grounds (both me and the house), so I don’t know about the medical criteria.


Well I’m taking back the question I posed to Neil because I realised that Warmfront applies only to England. Here in Wales we get grants from NEST- quite an apt acronym too, sounds nice and cwtchy and warm.

Eiona :slight_smile:

Hi, my dealings with Warm front were fraught with problems. It took around 4 years to get them to replace my old, costly to run boiler. We had the loft and wall insulation well before the boiler.

But I still get calls saying I havent had my insulation grant. I have, I tell them!

If any of you are still battling, I wish you luck.

luv Pollx