Blue badge

Hi please can someone tell me how I apply for a blue badge please

There will probably be information on your councils website (under Social Care and Health or whatever your council calls it)

Alternatively, you could try Apply for or renew a Blue Badge - GOV.UK


Take a look at your local Council website - there will probably be details under the Social Services (or whatever they’re called) pages.

Alternatively, you could try here - Apply for or renew a Blue Badge - GOV.UK


You can apply for it online. If you search on something like “blue badge application” you should find it. I think it automatically directs it to the right place according to where you live, but you’ll need to send in proof of eligibility (either proof that you get higher rate DLA or a form filled in by your GP),a photo and I think also proof of your address. Hope this helps. Heather

Thank you all x