Blood test results!

I rang today for the results of my vitamin d blood test.

I was speaking to the nurse who could only tell me what was infront of her. She said my levels were 92 but didn't know if that was normal or not. She also said that the doctor had seen it and had written beside it that she wanted me on an antibiotic???? Even the nurse was confused with this as why on earth would an antibiotic have anything to do with a vitamin level test?

She has asked the GP to give me a call in the morning so just thought I would ask if anyone can shed any light on this happy

Thanks in advance, Lindsay

Hi Lindsay

Do you know if the vit d level of 92 was measured in nmols?  You will need to find out as the normal level for ms'ers is 150-225nmols.  There is another measure but cant remember what it is.

If it is 92 nmols then your levels are a bit low and it would be a good idea to take a suppliment.

The antibiotics in my opinion would have nothing to do with the vit d levels.  I would think your bloods have shown up an infection therefore needing to be treated.

Best wishes

Teresa. x