Hello all, So I have been bloated for about a year I guess this is done to bowels I am dieting so this has helped me empty them more often by having more fibre, but the bloating doesn’t go away. My stomache feels hard but it is not any help to get rid of bloating will help a lot , maybe it feels hard due to stiffness no idea. Will losing the weight help reduce it ? I still have 3 stone to lose for healthy weight.


just noticed this post because i havent been on this forum as often recently.

do you take gabapentin?

i’m sure this is what makes me bloat.

have a good look at your meds, tell your gp that you want to check that they arent making you bloated.

hopefully he/she will help you plan how to rule them out one sat a time.

its such an uncomfortable feeling.

it makes me feel like the sheep in far from the madding crowd and i wish that gabriel oakes would come along and deflate my swollen tum!

carole x


I’ve noticed my belly’s been bloated recently. I’ve seen a few things with people saying they’re bloated, so I guess it must be a thing with MS. I find taking a probiotic helps.


First of all, I think you certainy need to check this out with the GP. Bloating that comes and goes is one thing: bloating that doesn’t go away demands a proper health check, just to make sure that there isn’t something else going on. Apart from anything else, your GP should be able to help with the symptoms, but the most important thing is to be clear about the cause, and that is why you need a proper medical view. Alison

I feel swollen, only 11st with 32’’ waist but for over a year my tum has felt like this bowl irregular yes, abbs weak, can’t do a sit-up though could do lots, had scan &blood tests nothing found?? Mystery.

I am slightly overweight that’s why I’m dieting around 14 stone I went go gp who checked my stomache it hurt when he pressed right down it was bloated a long time fore I was put on gabapentin. I think it’s down to my bowels more then anything when I try to empty them it’s not completely emptied it doesn’t bother me much but sometimes I get stiffness feelings around it too I’ll mention it to neuro once I have LP results.