i’m certain this problem is due to the heatwave.

i can’t seem to quench my thirst.

water doesn’t do it.

obviously coffee doesn’t either.

at the same time i’m bloated (in a pregnant belly way) which makes me feel miserable.

has anybody got any tips for rehydration.

do i need those sachets of salts prescribed for children with diarrhoea.

(my question mark key has dropped off so excuse my unpunctuated questions).

help will be gratefully received.

I bloat when it’s hot; my mum and sister do as well. For me, it’s my hands, especially fingers. Lately I’ve been eating chilled fruit, especially pineapple, and that at least is more satisfying than water alone. I also start my day with coconut water. I’ve heard that it’s great for hydration as it contains sodium, potassium, and electrolytes. I don’t know if there’s any truth to the claims, but I’ve been able to get my rings on and off easier. And I know a number of people that swear by it as an after workout drink.

You may also try cold herbal teas in place of plain water and watery vegetables - anything that is hydrating and cool.

a watermelon is about to be purchased!

i was looking at them yesterday but was sticking to my shopping list.

my subconscious obviously has more sense!

If you’ve got a blender, blend melon (or any watery fruit) with coconut water and pour into a tub. Freeze !! It’s like sorbet and very refreshing. You can add a bit of sugar to taste but some fruit doesn’t need it. Strawberries are better with a bit added.


Diluted apple juice is good Carole, used to recommend it rather than the sachet stuff, unless you are very dehydrated. Pinch your skin on the back of your hand, if it doesn’t spring back you need the sachets. xx

thank you tracey just walked to lidl which is a bit further than i like. bought watermelon, honeydew melon and a pineapple. got a taxi home - melons weigh a ton!

What a fantastic idea! I blended up some blueberries and coconut water. It’s in my freezer right now.

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Dare I say add a shot of Voddy

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you absolutely can suggest vodka!

i make harvey wallbangers with vodka, galliano and fresh orange!

very 1970’s and so lovely!

I remember freezing chopped up watermelon and then blending it with Bacardi / white rum. Lethal because it’s just like a slush puppy. Hmmm. If the weather heats up again, I might have to resurrect that. It’s very ‘cooling’ (alcoholic)!


hmmm, now what could i blend with gin!

maybe raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and of course i have loads of watermelon left.

there’s a lot of scope for an adventurous gardener, growing a hybrid fruit that has gin in it.

or an adventurous gin still owner.

i’ll be pondering that all night.

When I was at university, I’d cut a hole in a watermelon and pour a bottle of gin into it. Let it sit for a while and it’s almost like a hybrid

oh thank you cstretton! now that’s my sort of treatment! going to have to buy another melon.

The more “adult” version that I still enjoy is a bowl boozy fruit - a variety of melon chopped up and placed in a bowl of gin (I’m not a vodka drinker). Chill it at least overnight and enjoy.

You know cstretton, you can join our gang. That is the gin swilling sorority that comprises of Tracey DC, Carole and me. I don’t managed to get as pished as the others, but might be working on it tonight.

More members are welcome.

But any suggestions that we drink Baileys ‘for a change’, wil have virtual vomit aimed at them.


jackie swap your tea for gin! it’s a well known medication for us lot. ginster are well known as the makers of those pasties sold at service stations, but could also be a gin fanatic!


what has become of your duck.

is the black star in remembrance of david bowie.

i want a question mark key!!

Thanks! That sounds like a lovely gang to be part of.

My husband enjoys a bit of Baileys in his coffee on weekend; it’s much too sugary for me. I’ll stick with gin and whiskey and an occasional pint. But, that pint only adds to my bloating problem lately.


I’m making flavoured gins for Xmas pressies this year !! Apple & blackberry (freebies from the garden), apricot and raspberry & mint are all on the list for now !!