mini magnum


like many others i’m having trouble sleeping in this heat so i came downstairs and made a decaf coffee

then i remembered buying little ice lollies, like magnum but from aldi

it was delicious but who knows what my digestion will make of it!

carole x

Ooh, I love ice lollies like that. Funny you should mention ice lollies, my children had bought some (calippo), they are just ice lollies, no ice cream, so yesterday afternoon my son asked if he could have one so I said yes, then my daughter asked if she could ave one, again I said yes, they looked lovely so I said I’d have one too but the children said there were no more left so I never got one! Cheryl:-)

aw cheryl buy some more and don’t share!

my boys are grown up but still live at home.

every time i buy my favourite as well as their favourite, they decide my taste is as good as theirs and eat mine as well as theirs!

that last bit didnt read well, blame the heat

carole x

Carole, it read fine, I understood, lol. I got shopping delivred from Tesco today and got more ice lollies, lots this time so everyone should be happy. I’m not usually bothered by the heat tbh but I’ve really struggled the last few weeks, we drove to London from Aberdeen and back a few days later, it was so hot in the car and I don’t seem to have recovered at all, don’t know what it is. However it is cooler here today and there is a breeze, I’ve been relatively lazy this morning but I’m going to get myself into gear now and get going! I’ll have an ice lollipop for afternoon snack I think. Cheryl:-)