Super soup!!

Went to a friends for dinner a couple of weeks ago. He is a chef - and works in a very expensive residential home - where they have a menu - and can choose from that or if they fancy something different he said he always tries to please them. We started with soup - and it was the nicest most delicious soup l have ever tasted. The recipe is one of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s out of his Everyday cookbook. You can google the recipe - l was so impressed l bought a second-hand book from amazon. The soup is called Butternut&Nut Butter Soup - lts made from Butternut Squash with fresh ginger/chilli/coriander and smooth peanut butter in it.

lts lovely and smooth and creamy with a wonderful ‘satay’ taste to it. lts so good l thought l would share it with you. lnstead of writing out the recipe for you l suggest you just google it.

l thought we had just about all the cookery books printed - but when this one arrived l was thrilled to see that EVERY recipe -every page - is something that l really fancy eating/cooking.


Glad you enjoyed dinner with your friends and have borrowed the soup recipe.

Frances, I stopped taking the spirulina. it gave me a very uncomfortable tum. The too full feeling wasnt pleasant for me. I was bloated and couldnt sit comfortably, so was spending more time in bed. I imagine it could feel like when people have a gastric band or stomach stapling. I was taking 3 then 2 capsules at breakfast time.

I`m not saying anything wrong about the product, just not for me I reckon.

But I am glad to know it helps you and others.

luv Pollx

Poll, At least you proved that it does make you feel full - and it was not just me. l still take 4 every morning - along with 3 Chlorella -and l have found it has improved my IBS - l did use to suffer with chronic diarhorrea - but now l am much ‘safer’ still go about 4times a day though - but without having to ‘dash’.

Chlorella is supposed to contain Estriol - which we have been ‘looking into’. just google Estriol MS.


This sounds gorgeous Frances but isn’t it very fattening with the peanut butter in it? Teresa xx

Hi Frances

Oh yes, excellent. My mother is into all this sort of thing, and her soups are really delicious too.

I think I’ll have a look!

Mark x