seeking advice please

You may of seen from my previous threads, I’ve been suffering from a cold (still am) and its completely taken it out of me. My head thinks im ok but my body is feeling weak.

Any advice to help build myself back up & get some energy back?

Please help, I’ve never been like this over a cold

Your opening sentence says you still have a cold, so wouldn’t your usual energy level return once your cold has gone ?

What did you normally do, pre-MS ?


My cold is slowly clearing up, its just mainly my body feeling weak which is bothering me.

Pre ms, I would make myself get on with life apart from I’d usually go to bed earlier. This is what I initially did but don’t think my body has liked that.

Colds really knock the stuffing out of me too. I think that with any kind of virus/infection, it’s important to rest as much as possible, so that the energy we do have can be used for recovering. I know it’s boring and frustrating, but necessary I think. Hope you feel better soon. :slight_smile:

Well I’m glad its not just me, colds don’t usually have this affect on me. I feel like I should be doing something productive to help myself. I’m so bored. Think I’m getting better, the tingling on my leg has gone down. But still have bad pins & needles in my left hand

I usually take huge amounts of soluble vitamin c the ones that fizz when dropped into water but chicken soup is the Jewish antibiotic. I dont like it much but them Jews know a thing or two so I have made a change I have tomato soup and just for good luck bung a chicken pie in to the soup. So there you have my get better in a box idea do you think I could market this as a keep fit scheme I doubt it

Don here is a flower to cheer you up

Put a chicken pie into tomato soup?? Lol that’s so funny Take it on to Dragons Den!!!

I’ve been drinking loads of orange juice :slight_smile:

I love this site but I’ve tried to reply about ten times now! Grrrr

Oh that sent but my previous didn’t send !!

Lol put a chicken pie into tomato soup?? Lol. That’s so funny

Take the idea onto dragons den?? Lol

I’ve been drinking loads of orange juice :slight_smile:


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