Bladder scan


I had an ultra sound on my badder due to los of sensation and urgency to pass water. At the same time i expereince a heavy uncomfortable feeling low down and feel im not always emptying my bladder fully. The ultra sound did not show any evidence of me not emptying my bladder but i still feel i have this problem some of the time.

Now iv been referred for a further scan where they insert a camera in my bladder. Im not sure that this will make any difference to my symptoms and wondered what others had done with similar symptoms.

The lack of sensation when i need to go leaves me with urgency and i can only pass water standing (im female) as if its gravity thats making me go.

Any thoughts please


Not exactly the same but for some months now I have been able to go through the night without having to get up once to urınate before say 7:30 (for some years would normally have had to get up at least twice ın the night). I now feel a dıfferent dull sensation ın the mornıng that I have come to associate wıth a full bladder. Havıng saıd that, I stıll get a feelıng of urgency once up. In one sense ıt ıs great not to be disturbed during the night but I cant help wondering why this should happen ın quite an abrupt and sustaıned manner. When I trıed to get a drs appıntment (very busy practıce) the trıage phone call dr saıd he dıdnt thınk ıt was neccessary but to get back ın a month or so ıf ıt was stıll happenıng. I havent bothered.

hi christine

i rock backwards and forward several times and usually manage to pass some even if i think i’ve already had a good pee.

it’s like when you park on a hill and the dial says you have no petrol.

some physics principle or other

carole x

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Love this Carole! I can never trust my “petrol guage”.

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my latest motability car is bossy.

put air in your tyres!

on the way to the petrol station it becomes frantic - put air in your tyres!!

i ignore it until i get to an air pump.

as fr the sat nav - it says ‘take the next left’ no entry so i go past and it gets so irate.

i can’t cope with bossy husband so i really don’t get on with bossy machines!

i’m good at ignoring.

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