Is this normal/common?


For a while iv been going to pass water so so often and i feel like iv emptied my bladder then i have to go again with minutes. Sometimes i think iv finished when i have not…so accidents happen.

Iv started to get a heavy uncomfortable feeling in my lower abomen almost like my bladders full even when iv been.

I was wondering if anyone had experienced the heavy uncomfortable feeling.

Thanks Christine

Hi Christine

Its sounds like you might have a UTI. Have you had this checked out at your GPs?

if you’ve not got a UTI, it maybe that you’re not emptying your bladder fully, which is fairly common with MS.

But check out the UTI situation first before considering anything else. Unfortunately it’s probably too late to get a wee sample checked out at your doctors today. Mine need to get a specimen by 12pm and I think that’s fairly common. It’s in order that if you do have an infection, they can send the sample to the lab to check the exact bacteria.

But phone your GPs and ask them what their process is re testing.


Thanks Sue,

This has been going on a while and i feel pretty lousy as well, i dont know why i never thought of an infection, maybe because iv got no stinging or pain just uncomfortable. But yes you could be right and i should get it checked out.

I’m not sure. Is it different from the feeling of a full bladder (which for me can be uncomfortable)? I’ve experienced thinking you’ve emptied your bladder but then having to go again really quickly afterwards. It means you aren’t emptying your bladder, even though you wee out as much as you can.

If you go to your GP, they will refer you to a continence advisor. They will check how much urine you’re retaining with an ultrasound scan. They will then teach you to self-catheterise, to empty your bladder fully after you’ve tried to empty it the normal way. Self-catheterising sounds bad but is actually OK and, at least in my experience, much better than really frequent trips to the loo and accidents. The GP may also give you medicine to reduce bladder sensitivity.

I’ve said on here several times (so sorry if you’ve read it before), I had bladder problems of the kind you’re describing for 4 or 5 years but now my bladder is just like a normal person’s bladder. So this may disappear for you sometime in the near future or sometime in the distant future. Worth getting help if it doesn’t get better on it’s own very soon, though.

Sorry I answered while Sue was posting - definitely worth getting checked for a UTI.

And if there’s no UTI, then follow Sewingchick’s advice!!

I will get it checked out. I kept thinking i must be drinking too much but in reality its not normal to be going 4 or 5 times an hour, is it?

Hi Christine I have the same problem my MS nurse has but me on some tablets to help as he said I’ve got an extremely overactive bladder they do help slightly but not as well as I would have liked though. Hope you get it sorted. H x