Bladder Botox - local anaesthetic anyone?

Hi, I’ve had Botox on my bladder twice now, and to say it transformed my life is an understatement.

Anyway it’s been done under general anaesthetic both times.

I’ve seen the urologist today and it’s due to be done again, so I’m on the list, but he’s asked me if I’d like it under local anaesthetic next time. So I’m going for it. He said it’ll be a bit uncomfortable.

Anyone had it done under local anaesthetic? How uncomfortable was it?

I’m a devout coward!!

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I’ve had it done several times under a local and I was terrified initially! However, it really isn’t that bad! The whole thing from entering the theatre to leaving it can only be around 15 minutes!

They start by putting the anaesthetic gel into the urethra which you can’t feel. Then they inject which in the majority of places you can’t feel either. There is one area of the bladder which is more sensitive than the other areas and that hurts a little bit but it’s soon over!

I’d rather have Botox under a local than a filling at the dentist’s!!

Hope that helps!


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Thanks Sarah, that’s really reassuring. When he offered I figured it’d be better than spending hours in hospital.

Eve x

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good to read your post. How has it transformed your life? Asking as having appt with urologist about this. I really want my bladder life transformed. Sick of feeling damp down below!!!


Min x

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