Had Botox

It’s been a hard day I’m in a lot of pain , I went to the hospital for botox injections in the bladder. I was shocked at how painful it was. I had local anthestic but they used a rigid scope for the procedure, I’ve since read that they don’t recommend you having the rigid scope under local as it’s very painful. I hope the botox works after all that. Michelle and Frazer xx

They have never used a rigid one for me under a local, I’m so sorry as I told you it wouldn’t be painful. I do hope it works for you though, maybe at your review appointment insist on a flexible one next time.

Sarah x

sorry you are in pain Michelle,your right they should give you a general anaesthetic for a rigid one,they should only give you a local for a flexible one,i would make a complaint.My daughters having a rigid cytoscopy and the dr said they will give her a GA because its too painful with a local.Hope you feel better soon.

J x

Thanks Jacky, I’m feeling a bit better today I’ve taken pain killers and antibiotics last night was awful I kept needing the loo and it felt like razor blades. The consultant was kind but I’m not sure why I had the rigid one instead of the flexible. Make sure your daughter has it under a general anaesthetic. Michelle and Frazer xx

Thanks Sara, I’d read your messages again the night before the procedure so I went in quite calm it wasn’t until I was all gowned up I had second thoughts. They told me your the 3rd lady today and the others were fine. I think they lied ! The consultant is lovely I’ve known him a while but maybe different people have hover pain thresholds and I know it was a rigid one because he said that a why it hurt so much also I’m a small build too. Michelle x

Oh Michelle I am so sorry to hear about your bad experience, I hope it eases soon for you.

I would ask why it was done that way on a follow up appointment, and let them know how much pain it caused.


Pam x

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Sorry to hear about your pain Michelle.

I hope it works. I don’t know anything about this sort of thing.

Best wishes, woof, Steve. xx

So sorry you had a bad experience with botox,ive had it 8 times under local and general anaesthetic and have had no pain at all.If it works for you i hope it doesn’t put you off having it again. It lasts about a year for some people but only about 4months for me but its still worth it to me.I hope you are pain free this morning best wishes Jo.xx

I’m still trying to get it done on my bad leg… I’ll load up on codeine first if it’s gonna hurt.

Sounds like you had a bad time Hope it turns out helpful for you

Sonia xx

I don’t think it was the boots that hurt , just the way it was administered. I’m not sure about the effect on your legs. I hope it goes well for you . Michelle x

Thanks for all your kind messages. Please don’t be put of botox, just Make sure that you have all the information before you have it. I’d read up on it but assumed that it was all administered in the same way…ill not be caught out again…and I’ll be having a few words with my consultant when I go back in a couple of weeks. I trusted him when he said "mild discomfort… I’ve had 7 babies I’m no stranger to pain . …but this was awful. Michelle and Frazer xx