Betaferon and joint pain?

Good evening/morning, I started betaferon nearly 4 weeks ago, a few days ago I started joint pain in my right thumb/wrist joint -I thought thus was from a recurrance of a minor problem I have had for about 15 years on and off from a wasp sting in that area, but over the past couple of days have now got joint pain (a stingy ache) in my elbow and shoulder, the muscle in that arm hurt also and slightly swollen upper arm. Wondered if anyone had any ideas? Could it be the ms / betaferon or something completely different? (I know having ms does not give us immunity against other things, unfortunately, like we don’t have enough to contend with at times). Thank you, Will try to sleep now Sue x

hi Sue,

when I was on Betaferon, I also had joint pains (elbows, hips and wrists). I think it may be just a side effect

Alex xx