Benefits anyone else going through appeals please

Hi new to this web site, I was confirmed with MS after the birth of my daughter and had to give up work. i am 55 with two daughters in a very unhappy marriage!!! i have been receiving incapacity benefit now with all the new changes they would like me to go back to work. I am going to appeal even my own doctor dosent seem to understand. What worries me alot i do not want my symptons to get worse. Even when i open a letter concerning the appeal my symptons came out suppose mild panic attack? Does any one else suffer like that? Cold cold cold inside feel like my knees are going to crack! jan


I am assuming that you were asked to apply for ESA - transferring from IB.

If you did not get 15 points based on the form and the medical you will be found fit to work. The purpose of your appeal is to demonstrate that they got it wrong and you do “earn”15 points on the various work based tasks.

It is more than understandable that an appeal will create stress. Some people have been upset enough to take their own lives rather than go through it. What you need is some knowledge of the process so that you can deal with what is happening. GPs are not well informed, many give downright wrong information. My advice is to join a web site called Benefits and Work. It cost less than £20.00 p/a and you will find step by step instructions about ESA appeals.

Also watch this video a video from the Ministry of Justice on You tube which will help demystify the process. I don’t want to put the link because it will delay posing but search “ESA Appeal video” on YouTube.

The thing to hold to your heart is that MANY appeals are successful. ATOS (the ESA asscessors) are notorious for getting it wrong. Be strong and you will get through this difficult process.


Hi Jan,

I have several friends who have gone through the same thing when being transferred from IB to ESA, so you are not alone in this. I would agree with Jane in that you should appeal. The appeal form is very easy to fill in and the Benefitsand work site is great source of advice and information. Attach as much evidence to go with it as you can, even if you’ve already sent it, and a letter outlining your difficulties is always useful. Before they forward it to the tribunal service they will have to reconsider your claim, so I shall cross my fingers for you hun. And yes, I get palpitations every time a brown envelope arrives through the door.

Mags xx

I also had to go to appeal, I was fortunate in that i worked for the Inland Revenue and was given ill health retirement after going to be assessed by the doctors they used at Capita Health.

I had all the reports from that to send in as my evidence but it is still a nerve racking time. I know what you are going through. Gather as much evidence as you can for your case and your own report as though it was your worse day with your MS

Good luck.