Benefit changes??

Hi all, just wondered if any you experts can enlighten me on this?

my daughter is pregnant and has recently been put in ESA support group due to gp signing her off sick for rest of her pregnancy as gynae probs on top of anxiety and fatigue put her at increased risk? She has been unable to work before being pregnant and has been on jsa + housing benefit , together approx £100 per week as she’s under 25. Now she’s getting £150 approx but has been told she will automatically go onto income support after baby born, which is same as jsa as she’s under 25 ,is this right? What about the child? She can’t work anyway , can she apply to stay on ESA support as she’s not choosing not to work? Hope that makes sense! Thanks for reading. X

ps have just helped her fill in pip claim forms and she’s got a medical assessment next week (7 months preggers!)

Once the baby is born I expect she would get child tax credits and child benefit. Child benefit is £20.50 per week for first child, not sure about how much can get for child tax credits. The CAB should be able to advise you.

If your daughter was put onto esa because of illness issues due to her pregnancy they will assume that these will stop once the baby is born. As a lone parent she will be entitled to IS without the need to prove that she is too ill to work. I am not sure how the rates stack up.

Like Lenney suggests I think a trip to CAB would be a good idea because there are other maternity benefits that need sorting out.


hi wanderer

tell her to make sure she gets her free dentistry which continues for a few months after the baby is born.

carole x