Any benefit wizzards? ESA/carers/income support question?

I am on income support, been on it since 2000. I did go on to income support due to sickness and disability but I am also a carer for my severly disbaled child and on carers allowance since 2007. Will I have to be put on to ESA? if so will it be transfered or I will have to jump through the assessment hoops?

If I’m forced back into work, apart from becoming very, very ill, knowing no employer will take me over a healthy person and only having 12 months to find work or else lose my disabailty money, who will look after my child? I doubt very much that any employer will let me have weekends, summer holidays, half term, many hospital appointments, turn up after 10 and leave by 2 etc

Thank you in advance

Hi youre like me, no employer would want us cluttering up` the workplace.

Besides you already have a job…caring for the little one.

luv Pollx

Not sure why it’s come up annon? anyhoo, thanks hun for reply. I’m just worried having to be forced into work as I do have good and bad days (well more like bad and horrendous) and if I’m assessed on a bad day I’ve had it. my child has a life threatening condition where noticing a slight colour change can make difference between life and death, literally. I’m her mummy and paid carer. As if an employee would see a load of over experienced healthy people who’ve just come out of work and begging to do jobs like stacking shelves to pay the bills…as if they’re going to say yes to us. Oh they’ll interview us, legally they have to, have to look open-minded, but they’ll find ligit reason not to take us, but then we lose our disabailty money. We Poll, they dont know how amazing you are and you should get choice as ONLY you know how you are and what you can do xx

go to your local Citizen advice bureau, most bureaus have an ‘expert’ who can disentagle the benefit sysytem