Daughter's univerisity finance

Hi all. I hope someone can help. I get ESA (support) which is contribution based as I can no longer work. This year my daughters student finance took this money into account (last year they didnt as it was still called Incapacity Benefit on the form). I explained this to the student finance that it is bascially the same benefit under a different name but sadly her maintenance loan has gone down by £80 a week because of it. She has been in tears and I dont know what to do as the advice I was offered was to move up north as it is cheaper there (our mortgage is a lot as I had a good job and we moved to a bungalow as I broke my neck after a bad fall down the stairs at our old house). I have a lot of friends and family and my husband works in Brighton so why should we move because of me?? Just feel like Im now affecting my daughter and its v sad. Can anyone offer any advice please? Thanks

aw emlou

it makes me as mad as heck to hear about students having their money reduced.

is it student loan that she has?

it is wrong on so many levels that the uni told you to move up north.

unfortunately i have no advice to offer but i’m sure someone who does will come along soon.

carole x

Thank you Carole. Unfortunately we checked and it has to be taken into account. We will have to have students again I think but for more weeks which I find such hard work and my poor hubby has to help out a lot on top of a full time job. My daughter has 2 jobs so is helping out but cant do too many hours as is being investigated for epilepsy - sad thing is she says if she has epilepsy she will get more money but obviously dont want her to have it! All I can say is she better get her degree - she wants to be a lawyer specialising in helping disabled people which is very admirable. She is having the time of her life so we just need carry on for another 2 years then our other daughter will be going hopefully - her dream is to be a midwife! V proud of them both just v hard financially atm!! x