been suffering over year can't find courage to go to gp

Have had ms symptoms for over year mobility is getting worse pain bad eyesight blurred left side affected mostly gp put it down to arthritis had physio didn’t help reffered for mri didn’t go left it there year down the line everything worse can’t pluck up courage to go back to gp .

Hi sparky you,l need to make a appointment take a deep breath go and see him and explain everything you are suffering with

He will then refer you for the relevant tests and stop you worrying so much good luck and hope you fell better soon

Thankyou for reply .I really dont know were to start i always seem to get jumbled up and say the wrong thing .

It might be a good idea to write all your symptoms down before you see your GP, that way you won’t get muddled.

Make that appointment Sparky, it’s not good for you to keep worrying.

Good luck

Rosina x

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These days i have to write everything down i carry a notepad and pen with me because i forget thankyou for your advice i must do this must im going to ask one of my daughters to come with me after Easter holidays getting nervous already not even made appointment im so useless

Hello hun.

Do you have someone who will go to medical appointments with you, for moral support?

I always find it helpful, in case I forget what’s been said.

It is a brill idea to jot symptoms and questions on a bit of paper.

Your problems may not turn out to be MS, as lots of other conditions mimic it.

I was wrongly diagnosed with PPMS for many years.

You do need to find the necessary oomph to get looked after darlin!

Love Pollx

Really good idea to take someone with you to the GP. They can help support you emotionally and remember things you forget to ask in the stress of the moment.

Don’t be terrified if they send you to the hospital urgently, it’s important to have scans so they can find out what’s wrong. Don’t assume anything and don’t scare yourself by reading up on MS or other stuff that you don’t know about, and you don’t know if it even applies to you or not.

I went to the hospital 2 days after my GP appointment, and had a CT scan of my head only, that was fine. Worst part was all the boring waiting at the hospital, take a book and/or some soothing music (headphones.) And a friend if you can!

(I was lucky, I even got a free lunch at the hospital because you can’t eat the day of the CT scan. And they say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, lol)

Then they booked me for an MRI, that involved a few month’s wait before the appointment. I had a full body scan. It was very noisy in the MRI tube, but they gave me ear defenders to block out the worst of it. The tube is quite claustrophobic, but they put a panic bulb in your hand, you squeeze it to contact the operator.

If you have an MRI you might consider wearing a sleeping mask in it, to block your vision. I just shut my eyes and visualised my favourite Monty Python film in my head, lol! (You can’t giggle too much in the MRI tube though because you’re not allowed to bob your head around, you have to keep still.)

Thanx poll yes i have a loving family im sure somone will come with me .i know it may not be ms hopefully my suspicions are wrong im full of praise and respect for everyone here with ms .you are all wonderful and im taking in all the advice .will keep you posted x

Bad night day today so much pain so tired this is driving me mad need to know wats wrong

I can’t add to what people have said. You need to go back to the doctor - you know that.

There is a possibility it’s not MS at all, but something curable - and you’ve been living like this for nothing! How would you feel if you realised it could have been fixed by now?

If it is MS, then continuing to ignore it is a viable option. I did, but not really intentionally. I had sought medical help and been referred to Rheumatology, who diagnosed me with “wear and tear” and advised me to rest and take ibuprofen.

I accepted this in good faith, and although I was a bit dejected to have such problems from “wear and tear” at a relatively young age, I was also relieved it was nothing more serious, and had no reason to doubt the diagnosis.

So in effect, I did what you’ve done, and left it - not for the same reasons, but because I’d been given a false sense of security that it really wasn’t anything much, and I just had to get on with it.

Eventually, if you keep ignoring it like this, something happens that you can’t ignore any more. In my case, this incident was waking up one morning unable to feel my feet. Now tell me that’s wear and tear!

So the long and the short of it is go to the doctor, or don’t go - eventually a situation will arise which leaves you little choice.


Yes your totally right tina im going to gp on wensday and thats me all over putting things off pretending they will go away i am even thinking it could be sciatica wonly one way to find out thanks for the pep talk and im sorry for what you have been through and good luck tina . Lynda

Good for you. That’s the hard bit done. I hope that you enjoy a relaxing weekend now and get some better sleep. You’re in the system now, and that can have a strangely calming effect!


Well gp appointment tomorrow need to relax and think of how to start the conversation so much to tell were to start .bet you all think ive gone mad lol doctors make me nervous and always rush me .But i need answers so i can do it my daughter coming with me .sorry having a rant .

Been to see my gp hes sent me for blood tests and given me some painkillers .he thinks it could be anxiety attacks i get im not really convinced because of the length of time ive had my symptoms but step at a time wait to see what the blood tests show or not show .

hi sparky

i hope that the blood tests point to something curable that can be easily treated.

well done for seeing the doctor

carole x

Thankyou carole will keep posted thanx to everyone for listening even though Im not diagnosed with ms wish you all well I’ve had the creepy crawlies under my scalp today somthing i forgot to mention to gp oh well just got to trust him and doing as he says .

Blood tests show vitamin d deficiency border line diabetes and high cholesterol doctor did a few physical tests with me and concerned about the weakness on my left side and my dizzy spells and pain so is referring me to see a neuroligist .im pleased someone has listened to me at last and hopefully find some answers soon .

I just joined this forum and have been reading your story. I’m glad you’ve gone to the docs and are getting somewhere now.

I’ve also just been referred to a neurologist after a dodgy MRI (see my post when it shows up). I’m bricking it if I’m honest.

But best of luck to you, let us know how it goes at the neurologist.

Thankyou andsbaby for reading my story hope everything goes well with you im really scared too but need to know whats going on with my body .im glad ive found somone at the same stage as me .im here for you and keep me posted to .

Hi again.

Glad you found the oomph to go see your doc. Also glad you have been referred to a neuro.

It is scary, but I reckon its more so when our brains start wandering off with all sorts of ‘maybes’.

I will look out for your next post. Good luck kid!