Scared of being dismissed.

Hi I’ll be honest right from the start. I’ve not discussed the possibility of MS with my gp. Infact I’ve not been in nearly 2 years.
I first noticed something wasn’t right after giving birth to my middle child in 2011. It wasn’t long after that it felt like I couldn’t breath, it was like being squeezed hard. Then I’d loose all my concentration and when talking, I’d know what I wanted to say but couldn’t physically say the word out loud. Both of those have come and gone over the past 10 years. The worst ‘episode’ being in 2019, I’d had the same symptoms but developed a cough, extreme exhaustion and balance issues. I had a whole array of tests but they couldn’t find a cause and suggested chronic fatigue syndrome. Everything went away around December that year, until the end of 2020. All the symptoms came back but very mild and haven’t completely disappeared. I’ve had a test for carpal tunnel due to muscle cramps and pain in my left hand. But that hasn’t shown anything. Two weeks ago I woke up with numbness and pins and needles on the left side of my face. (I actually asked my husband if my face looked ok because it felt droopy) I can still feel a slight tingling but that’s it. Then the most embarrassing thing happened last night. I wet the bed. I think I’ve realised now I have no choice but to see the Dr again. I guess I’m worried I’ll be fobbed off. ( I do have anxiety, one of my main issues being talking on the phone so that’ll make a phone appt interesting) Sorry I’ve rambled alot. And there’s no real point to it either :woman_facepalming:

You poor thing. Sorry you’re having a really tough time. You definitely need to speak to the doctor. Maybe you could write down what you want to say to him or her beforehand? I ended writing to my doctor. I wanted my medical records to send to a private GP and I was asked to put that in writing. Doing the letter tho, I ended up listed everything that’s been happening in terms of symptoms and my medical history. He or she could read it before calling you. Maybe ask the receptionist if you could send a written explanation of what’s been going on that could be given to whoever is going to call you.

Good luck with your appt.


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Great suggestion Winnie. Sometimes the process of writing stuff down clarifies my thoughts. Nice one

Thanks Mick. I’m not yet diagnosed. Just trudging through what I’ve seen folk on here call “limboland.” Writing helps me too.

Hope you are doing ok.


Wishing you all the best

You’ve not mentioned what Tests have been carried out.

I was misdiagnosed for 10 years and no medical practitioners I saw thought to order a brain scan. If there are lesions in your brain that pretty much confirms an MS diagnosis. It takes a while: GP > Neurologist > MS Specialist Neurologist > MS Nurse Team could be 6 months. Hope it provides the treatment you need but first you need to get into the system.