BBC 'poor sound quality'

l know it has already been mentioned about the poor sound quality ‘SOME’ of the time in Happy Valley. l loved the first series - and had no trouble understanding the dialogue. But the second series l did struggle with the first episode. LOVE this series - so for the second episode l clicked on the subtitles - and it was so much easier.

The Jamaica lnn series was the same - very difficult to hear and enjoy the dialogue. And the new series on Sunday Evenings - The Night Manager - has similar problems. lts not just me - none of my friends/family can hear it properly. So for once the subtitle button has come in very useful.

l have the double dvd of Happy Valley - the first series - if anyone is interested in it pm me.

I also had to put subtitles on. I recognise a few places in our neck o ‘t’ woods. Stick with it, although the first series will be a hard a act to follow.


i dont have the sound problem,dont know why,i too loved the first series,but didnt think i was going to enjoy this 2nd one as much,i have got into it more now,i love Sarah Lancashire.shes brilliant,but doesn’t that school teacher just you give you the creeps?

J x

What is the relationship with these two characters. l thought she was a sister - or step sister - but she looks as if she wants to ‘snog his face off’ when visiting him in prison.

She is a prison visitor that has fallen under his spell - she’s very creepy isn’t she? They have such a strong cast of really good actors in this series.

The sound has been quite mumbly. On BBC breakfast they had the producer on. She actually tried to imply that some of us might find it hard to “follow the Hebden Bridge accent”. Erm, none of the actors come from Hebden Bridge. Then she started saying that as a lot of us have open plan living areas, the sound of the fridge or dishwasher might be distracting. I almost swore at the TV. Despite the sound, I think the menace in the second series is a little more subtle, and therefore leaving me more prone to disquiet. The prison visitor is superb.

Best wishes, Steve.

Still have the double dvd of the first series - NEW - not used - lf anyone would like it.