have you been watching happy valley?

brilliant drama and sarah lancashire plays a brilliant part.

who would ever have thought it of raquel? (assuming you all remember raquel in coronation street)

the theme song is good too - by jake bugg

carole x

hi i have heard about it but keep forgetting to watch it. I am still lauging at last bank holidays comedy, the fast show follwed by a quiet night in then the kumars. I think they was all repeated but they was just as funny the second time round. That’s one positive of having a bad memory.

O.M.G! What a great programme! Real edge-of-the-seat stuff! I’m normally nodding off in front of the telly by 9.30pm on a Tuesday - not while this is on! Last week’s episode left me exhausted!

Sarah Lancashire … well, she’s got to win loads of awards for this!

What with Britain’s Got Talent & Derek who needs a social life?!

Did anyone see the brilliant video for James’ “Moving on” on the One Show last night? I watched the whole thing on You Tube and it made me absolutely sob! (I’m still choked thinking about it!) A bit like watching your body fall apart - I think we all know what that’s all about!. Didn’t know a ball of wool could be so moving! Another award winner I think.

Emma x

Hi Carole,

Its really good isnt it,and sarah Lancashire is so good in it, i also think the kidnapper plays a really good part ,its the last one next tuesday,shame though,its not often theres a drama you can call good.

J x

Absolutley brilliant viewing, it’s had me sat at the edge of my seat with my heart racing a few times though. Having to record the last part of it though as I’m away :frowning: Sue x

lol… last weeks episode left me exhausted too…

Yes, I am an avid watcher of Happy Valley. Its filmed round our way and Ive spot many places I know.

Sarah is a fantastic actress.

the bad guy is so cruel and hard.

great tv drama.


Fantastic drama!! Sarah Lancashire is a brilliant actress, you just know whatever she’s in is gonna be good. Can’t wait for next week :slight_smile: