happy valley

just watched the final episode of the best tv drama ever!

must get a BAFTA and sarah lancashire excelled!

it was thought provoking as well. made you think of the small decisions that lead to people going too far, getting in too deep and how the so called glamour of crime is just a scary vicious mess

carole x

Carole I know I am an emotional wreck but I cried at the end. I did some work with people with addiction so know the chaotic lifestyle and could see it happening. Very deep when you peel away the layers and Sarah Lancashire was brilliant. I loved her in Tanto in Halifax. Don

Totally agree - Sarah Lancashire was fabulous . It made me cry too!

Never seen a program as good as this she realy deserves a bafta for this sarah ,s acting was imppecable i realy enjoyed this cant wait for next series.

Barbara xx

i thought it was the best drama in years,i loved it,i too cant wait for next series,and yes Sarah lancashire does deserve a bafta,i also thought the baddie played a great part as well,i got that involved it,i felt draines when i had watched it…

J x

it was the same writer as Last tango in halifax,i loved that too,2 fantastic dramas…

J x

Funny that …it was a great series but all the supporting actors contributed …