Balance/motion sickness medication

Hello everyone.

I’ve had RRMS for 20 years, and have had every symptom imaginable.
I’ve been taking Tecfidera for 4 years, and also carbamezapine for nerve pain.

I’d be really interested to know what medication anyone takes for balance/motion sickness, as I’m hoping to book a cruise holiday.

I went on one in 2003, but I was so ill I had to take steroids when I came home.
I’ve been too scared to go on another since, but I’m praying that the right medication will help me?

Thank you for any replies.

Being an old seadog, I can say Stugeron is good to take in advance as a precaution and Kwells works well if you are actually seasick. Any decent chemist should be able to advise.
Cruise ships are pretty stable these days and hopefully, you will be fine. Best avoid the South Atlantic though.