Nausea - grrh, I'm fed up with it!

Just a moan really I’m afraid. I keep having strong waves of nausea, which settle down to feeling sick for about half an hour. It happened before I’d even moved my head first thing this morning, when I walked a bit faster on the treadmill, when I moved to the cold from the warm, when I heard something upsetting on the radio, when I was concentrating, sitting down, unloading the dishwasher! I’ve had vertigo related nausea before - more clearly prompted by certain movements - but this has really got a mind of its own (that’s the problem). Starting to think that I’m making it up!!!

Hey ho… It will probably go away in its own time! Annoying rather than disabling, so not so bad.

hi becca

have you started any new medication?

i’m asking because i sometimes feel nauseous after taking my tecfidera.

omeprazole is my magic bullet because it takes away that iccky feeling.

good luck

carole x

Thanks Carole - I started Fingolomid in July last year - that didn’t seem to have any immediate side effects (hurrah!) - but I am starting to wonder?! I had a relapse in December and it seems to tie in with that - but you never know, do you!

Have you tried any over the counter remedies like Stugeron? It works well to prevent sea sickness, so should be effective.

Also, fresh ginger is taken for anti sickness and a couple of lumps with lemon makes an acceptable tea.

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I was going to suggest ginger, if you don’t like ginger you can get it in capsule form, I use those to prevent travel sickness - take a couple 20 minutes before leaving - and they’re great.

A nice bonus from taking ginger medicinally is it’s good for warding off winter germs!

Thanks for the suggestions - I’m enjoying a comforting ginger and lemon tea right now! xxx

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Hope it helps! If you enjoy ginger tea, Twinings do a particularly nice green tea with ginger.