nausea all the time

Can anyone offer any advice - I’ve been feeling sick constantly for about 2 weeks, it’s draining me emotionally and making me quite upset. I hate the feeling of be nauseous and just want to lie down all the time hoping it will go away. It’s like travel sickness when not even travelling! Never had this as a symptom before, was diagnosed last November. Does anyone else suffer from this and any ideas on how to combat it? Thanks Nic x

Hi Nic

not much help but if you’re suffering from attaxia then it might be just like travel sickness… I keep referring to vertigo but I guess its actually attaxia, and vertigo is just a symptom after all!

Sorry not much help but hope you get it sorted soon

Sonia x

It might be worth trying a travel sickness tablet like Stugeron, which is available over the counter at chemists. If you don’t fancy that then ginger can ease the problem.

Thanks Whammel, I was having a blank on natural remedies! Ginger nut biscuits don’t do a bad job in calming the system down a bit if you’re feelng sick :slight_smile: I eat them to stave off the sickness I get with migraines x

Hi, I wonder if it is anything to do with excess acid in your tum?

I take lansoprazole for it…15mg a day.

Might not be that at all with you, but just wondering.


Hi Nic, Yes!! I have nausea daily…I take Cyclizine. I do have balance/dizziness problems, don’t know if its that. It could be down to medication I take…whatever causes it the cyclizine helps. If your on medication, have a look at potential side effects. Either way go and have a word with your gp, I’m sure she/he will prescribe you something to help. All the best

I took STUGERON for this really helped me Worth a try as there cheap to buy Take care Gray x

Hi, Thanks to everyone for the replies. I will make an appt to see my gp. You guys are the best on here! Nic x