Am I alone! Nausea/vomiting

Does anyone else get nauseas or actually throw up? Say, from overstressing your body, bad positioning for too long, or fatigue/exhaustion?

I get incredibly sick sometimes. Its so frustrating! No one likes puking!

Wondering if any of you lovely folk seen or experienced this??

I haven’t (thankfully!) but I think that some people on here have had problems with vertigo and similar sensations which can make them nauseous.

I suffer from nausea on a daily basis but can’t work out if it is meds side effect, fatigue side effect, pain side effect etc…you get the picture but at the end of the day whatever is causing it the effect is still nausea and occasionally vomiting.

It is indeed horrible…you have my sympathy wish I could offer words of wisdom !

I am sick most days, and on the days when I am not actually sick, I feel sick. I live of off anti sickness tablets. But I put it down to my Crohn’s though xxx

Oh nu! How foul. I too live off anti sickness meds during bad patches. Much sympathies

Been having nausea for a few months now. But it is getting worse, also have ulcerative colitis, so having a bit of a battle on my hands at the moment.

hope it calms down soon.


yep-i do.

neuro told me its because of a plaque. travel sickness tabs make me pee (thats already an issue) and going backwards on bus doesnt help. i can manage 1/2 an hour from my home. thank goodness for train travel!

travel bands have some effect-have u tried them?

ellie x

Thank God - someone else has this - I get this quite often and really annoying - sometimes it just retching and end up with sore sides…

Mad… I have just thrown up. Good to hear that I am not by myself in experiencing this. Sorry, I meant I was reassured,not that I am glad others suffer too…