Nausea - tips needed

Hi everyone suffering with really bad nausea at the moment. I’m on steroids and also antibiotics (gp is changing the antibiotics today as they don’t seem to be agreeing with me). But any helpful tips would be greatly appreciated on things that people have used to help with nausea. Struggling to be able to eat anything or drink much because the nausea is so bad. I’ve tried having some ginger nut biscuits but if anyone knows of any other home remedy things that help with nausea it would be appreciated. Thanks

Hi In a previous life we used to give patients tonic water with quinine in, to ease nausea. Sip it slowly. Hope it helps you. Xx


Peppermint tea or just sucking a peppermint sweet always works well for me - think its meant to stop the stomach from spasming, not really sure what it does but does seem to help. Hope you feel better soon.


You could try a travel sickness pill like Stugeron and see if it helps. It is available over the counter at chemists, but best ask if it is ok to take with your current drug combination.

I’m on betahistine already but seems to make no difference

I know you have asked for home remedies but I use Cyclizine 50mg 3 times a day, they work wonders x