motion sickness


I m new here i have primary progressive ms i booked a cruise on the sour of the moment for myself and my husband but lately my anixety is getting the better of me as i am terrified my motion sickness will be very bad on the ship ,it is not a big ship ,things are so bad i am thinking of cancelling it,

Does any one have any experience of this my reason for the cruise was that my walk is poor and iget breathless very easy and am in a great deal of pain any advice would be great



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Hi, not motion sickness but I have had issues with vertigo like symptoms in the past…room spin, strange visions etc caused by sensory overload sometimes like busy / noisy supermarkets or unfamiliar places.

My MS nurse got my GP to prescribe Betahistine to keep these symptoms at bay. Might be worth looking into

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You can buy “Stugeron” over the counter and it can help prevent sea sickness.

Crew swear by green apples, worked for hubby and ginger tea! Get some tea bags and go and enjoy yourself, got one booked for next year the fjords, looking forward to it. It may not even be a problem.


my husband and myself are going on a cruise in October this is our fourth one to the Greek islands.

i have not suffered from motion sickness on any of the cruises and we have done big ships and smaller ships they all have great stability. It also depends where you are going.

the first time I went on a cruise I found out that the medical centres onboard have supplies of tablets that they can give you if you feel you can also speak to your GP before you go.

try not to worry to much and spoil your holiday as it’s a great way of seeing the world and I am not very mobile so the assistance you get from the cruise lines are great.we enjoy going of the ship occasionally depending on the port.,

i hope this helps enjoy your holiday.