Bad hip

Is it normal to get very sharp pains in your hip when moving or walking? I’ve not done anything to cause injury. It came on yesterday after a long day of playing airsoft in the woods and it really hurts to walk. Anyone else experienced this? Is it ms related? Of am I just being paranoid? Xxx

Hi Princess,

There’s not really any “normal” with MS, but aches and pains are common. It could be nerve pain, but you very possibly have altered gait, altered posture, altered balance, which could be placing a strain on joints and muscles, and causing pain.

I get injured all the time, from nothing. So when you say you haven’t done anything, it need not necessarily be anything very athletic. You could have done it climbing stairs - if you still do that. Before I was diagnosed, I once pulled a hamstring, getting up to answer the phone! How ridiculous is that? Obviously, now, I realise there was an underlying problem, but at the time, I couldn’t imagine how I managed to get such a stupid injury. It’s very easily done, when you have abnormal muscle tone - which most people with MS have.



Hello Princess,

I often get strange aches and pains courtesy of MS. I must admit that I have never had great posture and this has only got worse since MS. What I have found incredibly useful for me, is seeing a chiropractor. They are fantastic (if only I could marry one!) and this seems to improve me and put me back on track. I am sure that you playing airsoft had a lot to do with it.

Best of luck,



I’ve been getting a painful left hip lately whenever I walk a bit too far. I’m sure it’s because of altered gait or balance but I’ve given up waiting for physio now as it’s taken so long and I’m sure there are others who need the help more. When I get home I do some simple leg stretches to try and recover and then rest it. It does usually ease off within 24-48 hours so it’s clearly nothing too serious. Now, if I could just work out what I’m doing wrong in the first place …

Tracey x

Before I had any idea about MS I had a fall - I went to see an osteo and she wrote to my GP saying I needed an MRI, she did say my right hip wasn’t quite sitting in it’s socket properly. I was sent to the spinal unit first and they said I had a disturbed gait.

I’m waiting for an appointment with neuro rehabilitation at the moment, as well as the foot-drop and spasticity, my right foot sort of points out sideways when the left one faces front and yes, my right hip aches.

I think that 99% of the time, we overcompensate and that’s why we injure ourselves doing silly little things.

Like Tracey says, there’s a lot of waiting, I’m going to speak to my MS nurse and see if it can’t get it chased up.

Sonia x

Hi, does your foot trip you up when walking? This is a classic symptom of MS and similar chronic conditions, like mine (SP).

In the days when I was able to walk, it was one of my first problems. My brain would tell me I had taken a step forwards, but my foot wasnt listening and therefore I`d fall.

In order to try to avoid the foot flop, I would lift my hip and swing my leg out…that caused a lot of pain in my thigh muscle.

Horrible, innit? A physio may be able to help.


Hi all, thanks for the replies! I think the pain is easing off a little now, but my foot didn’t really trip, that’s happened in th past when my left side has gone numb! All my problems so far with my ms has been left sided. I’ll try the stretching and have a chat with my neuro in November when I go back if it’s still playing up. Just wasn’t sure if it could be my ms! :/. Xxxxxx

Could well be caused through over-compensating - having to ‘hoick’ up the ms leg to walk - will make a difference to your normal ‘gait’. lt then puts everything out. You might find the shaped innersoles in your shoes will help. And using walking poles when you go out for a walk. They keep you well balanced and upright.

After 31yrs of SPMS - and dragging myself about - l ended up having a total hip-replacement end of April. lts much better - but now my knee needs replacing. So what l called my ‘good’ leg has ended up causing me more pain then the MS leg!!

A good osteopath can help - also an Alexander Technique therapist. Best to do something now to prevent further damage.