Is this pain from MS?

I was diagnosed 9 years ago. I have a painful stabbing in my left leg and hip when I stand too long, when I walk, vacuum, etc. It gets so bad that I have to sit “right now”, then it goes away until I get on it again. The right leg has the “drag”. But no pain. I this MS or is it something else? Does anyone else have this issue?

You should probably see your GP first or try to speak to your MS nurse. Remember, we all get different pains for different reasons (or lesions!) but it’s usually best not to assume it’s MS if you’re in pain.

Sonia x

hi lori ann

sonia is right in saying that we shouldn’t assume that every ache and pain is caused by our electrical wiring, it could well be something mechanical.

see your gp, phone your ms nurse and get that pain dealt with.

carole x


I agree with Sonia and Carole about the left leg and hip it could be MS related, but it’s so easy to blame everything on MS and not everything is. It might be a problem that’s resolvable.

But, the right leg ‘drag’ could be foot drop which could be related to MS and faulty wiring, for which you could ask your MS nurse, neurologist and / or physio about. It’s possible your CCG might fund FES (functional electrical stimulation) for that. Or you could get a referral to your hospitals orthotics department for some help to pick up the right foot. (If I’m right in assuming that’s what you mean by ‘drag’.)


It sounds a bit like sciatica, I’ve had it for years and have known myself to yelp publicly when I’ve been in the middle of a bad patch. Incidentally I find it worse when it’s damp and rainy!