Bad hip

Is it normal to get very sharp pains in your hip when moving or walking? I’ve not done anything to cause injury. It came on yesterday after a long day of playing airsoft in the woods and it really hurts to walk. Anyone else experienced this? Is it ms related? Of am I just being paranoid? Xxx

hi princess

it seems normal to me to get all sorts of pains but i dont think you have been diagnosed yet.

physiotherapy helps but if you are diagnosed with ms, a neuro physio is best.

yoga is fantastic for everyone and the gentle stretches should do the trick for you.

carole x

I have been diagnosed (: at the end of July. I just posted in here by accident :stuck_out_tongue: haha. I really don’t want it to be my ms! I don’t want it to stop me playing or walking properly :frowning: xxxx

Hi, I have been having hip pain in my left hip for 18 months. Some days it’s quite difficult to walk. I am waiting to see a neuro as my GP thinks my many symtoms might be MS. Originally my dr thought my hip pain was arthritis but its been ruled out. I saw an orthopedic dr during the week who did several X-rays and an intensive exam only to be told I had no hip problems, structure of bones etc all ok. I told him about pending neuro app and he said it could quite possibility be MS, it was definitely a nerve problem not a bone problem. I guess you’ll need to talk to your dr about this being a possible MS problem.