Back To Square One ?

hi everyone

not posted for a while, been keeping my head down, and just getting on with it

in my previous posts, I’ve explained what led me to my stage

well just 6 months after my discharge from hospital

I have managed to see my consultant at last,

without looking at my scans and just briefly at my notes

and then a few tests with the fork, and finger to hand contact

asked me a lot of questions

he said he didnt think i have MS,

so he has decided to start me from scratch again

so he has ordered

full MRI, cat scan, pet scan, another lumbar puncture

full set of blood, during this meeting he kept mentioning cancer ?

that has never been mentioned before, and kind of knocked me for 6

he totally dismissed me when I asked

him with help for my pain, any help with neuro physio

he then told me to make an appt for 4 months

sorry about the rant, but i do believe im back to square one again




ranting is the least you should do. It would seem that some medical professionals have no idea how to communicate and deal with people. The tinyist bit of listening or empathy would go a long way. I do recognise that they might be under pressure and short of resources but a bit of professional courtesy would go a long way.

good luck


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Hi Paddy taking out his manner at least he hasnt just dropped you. He is obviously determined to find out what is wrong with you. OK it might not be MS which is hey a good thing right? If it is something else it could hopefully be curable. what are your symptoms then that led you along the road to MS? Although you have a lot a tests ahead he must be thinking of something specific as they dont waste money on all these tests. I would just excuse his bedside manner. He may not think you need to see a neuro physio but really his manner is a bit off. As to pain go back to GP and explain what happened and they should be able to refer you to the pain clinic. like i said gruff, rude, arrogant, but he hasn’t dropped you like a hot potato and sounds like he is determined to find out the cause of your issues. I would hold onto that for now. Yes rant away. I have seen 3 neurologists, 2 were for second opinions or third, one has been with me over 10 years. out of the 3 there was only the ONE i would say had any manners about him, the other two, one was an arrogant git, and the other one should have stayed at home with mother lol. He was like a mouse. sometimes i wonder if a great neurologist is a rare beast i was lucky really. I love mine he is ace.

Hi Paddy A rant is totally what you’re owed after that appointment. What a #@~¥ of a neurologist. Previously you’d been diagnosed with MS, so I can well believe you really couldn’t have seen this one coming. And doctors of whatever specialism should know better than to drop the big C word and then not fully explain themselves. As CC says, at least the bloody man is continuing to search for answers. So hopefully you’ll have all the required tests and get some answers - hopefully the correct ones this time. As for pain, see your GP and ask for help. S/he should be able to give you something that will relieve some of your pain. You could also ask if there’s a dedicated neurological physio in your area to whom you could be referred. Or just a generic physio. You’ll probably have a long wait though, that’s often the case with physiotherapy. Best of luck - you may have had your MS diagnosis taken back, but being flung back into limbo isn’t nice. Feel free to continue talking to us on the forum. We do understand your frustration and pain. Sue