Me again, back to square 1

Hello, some of you will remember me from this site a few weeks ago where I enventually, after a 2nd opinion got a dx of Hemilplegia (after 1st neuro dismissed me as bit depressed). Anyway, started on meds for Hemiplegia, been on them over a month now, have gradually been increasing dose, no difference whatsoever. if anything some symptoms got worse, such as weakness in left hand/arm and vertigo and vision much worse. As it turns out there were some blood test results outsatnding which i chased the other day as i have an occupational health assessment next week. The neuro is away on holiday and his secretary was very reluctant to let me have a copy of the letter he was going to send to my GP until the neuro had spoken to me but I insisted as i really need them. She arranged to email them to me and said that the original neuro wants to see me again based on the results and I have to have another EMG. The results for B12, calcium, magnesium, urea and electrolytes were all normal, however apparantly I have positive anti nuclear antibodies at centromere 1:640. So, stupidly i looked this up on internet, well not great, most common cause of this test result is Lupas, but I really don’t fit a lot of those symptoms, and next common is MS. but seems without a doubt linked to some kind of auto-immune disease. To be honest i had started to doubt the Hemiplegia diagnosis, some of my symptoms just don’t match, I think i was just relieved to put a name to my symptoms at the time. So now having another EMG next week and seeing the neuro when he gets back in 2 weeks. So that’s me back in limbo again. Oh well, kind of got used to it now. Hope you all doing ok xx

This is so frustrating for you Bunnythecat but you’ll get there eventually. So sorry it’s taking so long! Teresa xx

How frustrating. Lovely to see you back though. Hope you get some answers soon xx

How worrying and frustrating for you having to wait a further two weeks!

You seem to be keeping your pecker up though, keep strong and I hope you get a firm diagnosis and the appropriate treatment soon.

Lyn x