Here we go again!

Hi all, Well it’s been just over 10 years since I was last on here. Back in 2008 I was having all of the tests etc. The neurologist said I have 9ne lesion but it’s not enough for dx and to go back to him if anything else happened. Since then I have been tested for Parkinson’s which came back as clear. Last week I saw my GP because of pain in my shoulders going down my left arm and pins and needles in two of my fingers 9n the same side. I thought it was muscular but thought I would get it checked out. The doc said he thinks it’s nerve damage so he is sending me to have an MRI. My letter came through today and my appt is on 12 Feb. Feeling scared again. I have a feeling that I may get answers this time. Who knows! Stay well all Lorraine

As a new forum member I am sorry to read this Lorraine and I do have an inkling of how you are feeling. Its almost like if you were given a definitive answer the problem wouldn’t seem as bad.

Rather than bore you, all I will say is years ago now I was referred to a neurologist and he couldn’t find a problem so that’s great

you just get on with life. But whilst your doing that your still experiencing the same sensory problems so you begin to think it must be me over thinking then.

That was ok until last week I was referred to an eye clinic because of experiencing double vision and its set my mind rolling again.

But then like you getting access to the NHS expertise is a nightmare and my appointment is not until May and it makes you worry that the waiting time could exacerbate the problem.

Its only through forums such as this taht you can garner information which can give you some comfort until you get access to the expertise you require.

An example of that is that even though I felt I had a good understanding of MS having known people with it that I recently learnt that you can have periods when you are not affected by the disease but can then get flare ups.I thought it was a disease that you contracted and you just deteriorated as the body succumbed to its affects.

Which would account for some of my experiences and maybe yours !.

So in conclusion, and I know its easy for me to say, try not to worry too much and your appointment will soon come around and hopefully you will then get some of the answers for the experiences you are having.

Best wishes


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It’s the waiting and not knowing that is the worsted and the length between the appointments


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