Back pain after LP??

Had an LP on Tuesday, and have been suffering really badly with back pain ever since.

I’m ok if I remain laying down, but I can’t sit or stand for more than a few minutes without having unbearable pain across my lower back, in my hips and occasionally down my legs. Walking is really painful.

I also get pains in my head, along with horrible feeling of pressure in the top of my back and my head, if I stand/sit up for too long, but these go away if I lay down.

Can anyone tell me if this is normal after a LP. I was expecting a possible headache, but the back pain was not mentioned at all as a possible side effect and doesn’t seem to be getting any better. They did catch a nerve during the procedure, so I’m wondering if this may be the cause.

Hi purpledot i just had my Lp today i am in alot of pain aswell in my back and my legs feel a bit odd but touch wood no headache as of yet. I was warned about the headache and told if it continued for more than three days or if it was really bad or if i had any concerns to phone the ward i had the LP done and they would give my advice and treatment if needed. If u r feeling this bad tomorrow i would contact your gp or the clinic or ward you got your Lp done if possible. Hope you r feeling better soon x bean x

I was having a back pain and headaches for a long time after my LP. Contact your GP if you are concerned, but I would say that it’s normal.

Alex x