Crippling pain a month after LP... help?

Hello everyone,

I had my lumbar puncture done on July 19th and I’ve been told and read online that I can expect pain a few weeks after it… the problem is that this is no small pain and it hasn’t reduced the slightest since then. I can’t do my own groceries, can’t walk too far, can’t take transports and can’t focus. I’ve been off work for 2 weeks and am blocked at home and I’m going crazy with doctors not taking me seriously and just having me chug painkillers all day…

Has anybody heard about this? Any suggestions as to what it might be?

I already know:

  • it is not an infection

  • the leak didn’t reopen

Thanks for any help you’d be able to provide…



hi kev

phone th hospital where you had the LP.

tell hem about the pain you are in.

get your GP to contact them too.

have you tried mindfulness meditation (lost my question mark key)

it is very helpful and you have time on your hands so why not

carole x