Pain 10 months after lumbar puncture?

Hi everyone, I had a lumbar puncture 10 months ago and had the awful headache and lower back pain, this lasted around a month and had nothing since. Until last night I started getting a pain where the lumbar puncture was, I ignored it thinking I must have knocked it, then this morning it’s more painful, it’s hard to explain but feels like a pin is sticking in my spine and feels all bruised, every time I walk or bend etc it feels really bruised and painful…just wondered if anyone had experienced this as not sure whether to ignore it or contact someone! Thanks Shona x

Hi Shona I don’t think you should ignore this. It may be nothing to worry about but you probably ought to see your GP. Teresa xx

Hi, mmm, seems unlikely to be caused by the LP, as you were fine after a month.

Deffo see your GP to get it investigated, eh?

luv POllx