LP results ?

Hi folk,

Just wondering if people had lumbar puncture results gave to them if so how long?

had my LP done 3 weeks ago now called doctor to chase up, was told by his secretary he would like to

have a follow up, that’s fine thinking that would be soon.

then got a letter today with an appointment for the 29th of January 2018 lol unbelievable!

was going to phone today was too angry! wait till Monday when I’ve maybe calmed down.

was told by my gp doctor it is a critical part of the diagnosis, so I want to know the results now I’ve got to make another phone

call to ask why I have to wait so long…

Is this normal has anyone else had to endure these ridiculous time scales?

just trying to determine normal timescales from folk before I go bush on the phone. Do know why it takes these doctors etc so long can’t even make a bloody phone call.