LP today :(

So I had my LP today and although it was not as bad as I thought it wasn’t good. 3 attempts as he kept hitting a nerve which sent pain down my leg but it was quite and the doc doing it was so nice.

So, no sign of headache yet which im pleased about although I know its early days but my back is killing me. I’m sure this is normal and will rest as much as I can.

The fluid was crystal clear, does that mean anything as I know it can be foggy?

No reason for posting, just thought I would keep you posted x

Hi I think that CSF is only cloudy if you have meningitis, but I could be wrong! Teresa xx

Well done bl! My back took a few days to settle - take it easy.

Now set up your thinking for 10 weeks before the results come back and anything earlier will be a bonus.


Mr S

My back hurt for a good while after best of luck with the results x

Hi. Glad yours went ok, mine got cancelled after the fourth needle attempt, the nurse started to shout at my Neuro “stop this procedure right now, your not trying again as he clearly is in pain”. My left leg was shaking away badly on it’s own with the needle still in my back as he and her argued, she ran away and came back with her sister who then had a go at my Neuro, he then stopped the LP, my back was in agony for a week. I won’t forget that in a hurray. Stephen.

Hi, clear is a good sign that there is no active infection (have seen a numberin children in my line of work unfortunately!) Just take it easy for the next few days, something that we cannot say to kids who have it done :frowning: