LP today :(

…and am very scared…BF and I have more or less broken up as well… Feel crap

Poor you, lousy timing. ((((HUGS)))). Hope LP goes well, you’ll be fine. Is anyone going with you? x

Hugs to you. Try not to worry about the lp - it’s much worse in your imagination than the procedure itself! Just remember to rest after the lp and if possible drink as much of a 2 litre bottle of full fat coke as possible (the caffeine replenishes what you lack when the csf is removed). Hope it all goes well x

CLP20 a bot you said you was having LP last month with your one liners and no replies

Well it was fine!..the Vep and Sep were worse than the lp, and that was fine - weird but fine!..just a waiting game(?!) now… And Hobs, I didn’t stipulate the date - apologies.