LP question

Hi all,

I’ve had MS for 10 years but despite this I had my first LP yesterday and I just want to ask, is it normal to feel like c**p the day after? I have the LP headache and feel terrible, though this could just be the steroids but I just wondered.

I didn’t feel too bad yesterday as I drank tons of fluids (though no alcohol!) but have come crashing down this afternoon. I went for a gentle walk earlier but think that has added to the headache, probably shouldn’t have done that! Just been lying down since I got back pretty much, can barely stand. I don’t have any real problems with fatigue so this all just feels completly weird!



After my one and only LP, I laid on the sofa for a week (no exaggeration) as I felt dreadful - bad head, just feeling lousy. Some people seem to be fine, but certainly I felt bad. I got some painkillers from my GP which were better at dealing with LP headache than aspirin. You are valiant to go for a walk - I wouldn’t try I don’t think!


Sorry you feel so awful-I didnt have an LP done-wasnt needed for diagnosis. I have heard that most folk sail through this intrusive procedure with no probs at all.

I am curious as to why you have had one after 10 years? Ok if you dont want to tell me-just wondered what the benefit was to you after all this time.

Ellie x

i drank loads of water and coca cola (because it was recommended on this forum). i laid flat for longer than the hospital said. felt fine but woke up in the middle of the night being sick. i couldn’t stop being sick although i’d hardly eaten for 2 days.

my gp said it was an adverse reaction to having my cerebro-spinal fluid taken. he gave me diazepam as an “anaesthetic” i slept like a log for 3 days.

it’s an unpleasant procedure and it makes me wonder why it is still used when we have mri’s which diagnose well enough.

and what about all those women “too posh to push” who have epidurals? (same needle)

carole x

Bad luck dodging the LP bullet at diagnosis only to be ambushed 10 years on!

I hope you feel much better very soon.




Just wanted to say I had a LP done and like you the next day had the worse headache ive ever felt! After 3 days of this headache i then was being sick twice a day. Rang the hospital to ask if this was normal n they said it was and it could last up to 10 days. On the 8th day I was in agony and really fed up so my mum looked online n saw that people said taking caffeine tablets can help as they shrink your blood vessels. With lack of anything bettter I went to the chemist and bought them over the counter for about £3 for 50. I started taking these and within a day was back on my feet and feeling a lot better! If only I’d known that on the 1st day!

Hope yours goes faster than mine!!

Shona x

Hi all,

Thanks very much for the feedback.

Shona- I’ve also been advised to drink coke etc, because of the caffine- it’s helping a bit- I can last until later afternoon/early evening before wanting to curl up and die!

And Ellie, the reason I have had an LP after 10 years is my own fault- I’ve moved abroad and they don’t have access to my old records and were oh so keen to put me through all the tests again, especially when the dr found out I didn’t have an LP last time.

Thanks for the feedback though- it’s nice to know I’m not going mad! Despite the dr telling me that if I can sit up without a headahce it’s probably not due to the LP, well, I disagree personally!

Thanks very much all,


Put it this way…I had my lp on a monday, tried to go to uni on tuesday…projectile vomiting…same on wednesday…and thursday…didn’t even bother on friday…GP gave me anti-emetics on the wednesday, but they didn’t do anything :s

Hi, I recently posted about my lp, which was last wed. Only started feeeling better yesterday. headache, nausea…think 2 hours lying flat afterwards, was too short.

Have you been dxd yet? Im still waiting…after 14 years!

luv Pollx

I was fortunate enough not to have any problems with my LP, the most painful thing was the injection for the anasthetic then didnt feel a thing and no head ache after.

The doctor said I was a very paitent ‘paitent’

Hi Jon, how long did you lie flat for afterwards?

luv Pollx

About an hour I think

Hi Pollx, I was diagnosed at 19, I’m 24 now :wink: finished a 5 year degree and a year’s training, and now looking for more work! (and got the 5 year all clear!)

14 years waiting is madness! Hope they get somewhere and let you know whats going on soon!


I had my lumbar puncture on Tuesday and it took them 32 attempts and 2 doctors and then the registrar! Didn’t get the headache but have had excruciating back pain and feel exhausted and I haven’t ever had a problem with fatigue. Thought the back pain would have gone by now but it’s horrendous!


Hi, I recently posted about my lp, which was last wed. Only started feeeling better yesterday. headache, nausea…think 2 hours lying flat afterwards, was too short.

Have you been dxd yet? Im still waiting…after 14 years!

luv Pollx

[/quote] Hi Pollx, sorry I don’t mean to intrude but I was interested in your comment about waiting so many years for dx. I have had MRIs and Lumber puncture which came back clear but my symptoms are so MS typical and I have been hospitalised twice. I do have paralysis of the optic nerve and was told after the first attack that it was “probably MS” based upon symptoms but they won’t rule it in or out? I really feel for you having to wait so long. Hugs Kirstie x