Back from holiday :(

Helloooooo everyone. Hope you are all reasonably well. Egypt was amazing… Although, I am glad to be home in a weird kinda way. Suz xx

Oh we love egypt where did you go? were going back to sharm mext march love the breeze love the zero humidity too hope you had a great time XXX

Went to the sultan gardens in sharks bay, sharm. Suz xx

Oooh, did you ride a camel?


No. They hate me Clare, it’s like they can smell my fear! I attempted to ride one in Tunisia last year but he weren’t having none of it :frowning: Suz xx

Hi Suzie,

I'm back from Turkey a week today I wish I was there now temp in the high 20's almost getting to 30.

I know alot of MSer's can't bare the heat but its great for me for 10 days I can put MS to the very back of my mind and enjoy myself I can walk about and the way that weather affects me I've no call for any meds so I can have a drink or 3 happy2and really enjoy myself but now back in the cold wet weather I'm starting to feel myself getting stiff and slowing up and having cramps in my legs bacause of the cold it really affects me letdown

Mark x

Hi Mark, I know you mean about the heat. I find everything improves apart from fatigue. The only thing that made ms feel a bit rubbish was the Rebif. Since I’ve been home (got back late weds) the most I have been able to do is the washing up. I have almost no energy and havent left the house since our return as my back and legs are playing up. It was between 33 and 38 degrees during our stay, I love the heat! :slight_smile: Suz xx

Hi Suzie, I the sun and heat seems to give loads more energy :) I'm ok now that I'm on Tysabri no injections when I'm away the first time I went away I was on Avonex I know what you mean its only once a week but Its the not feeling so well the next day :(

I did miss my Tysabri infusion this month cause I was on holiday I have to wait until the 10th November now but I'm fine the sun and heat was as good for me :) Mark x

Welcome home! Egypt? WOW! You little dare devil you!

luv Pollx