Back and lower neck pain?

Hi, I’m new to being diagnosed with ms. I work in full time retail. I suffer with tingly lower back pain and sometimes top neck pain. Is this a symptom? Or the after effects of a relapse? Is there anything the doctors or neurologist would give to me to help with the pain or would it just be general pain relief? Thankyou Amy X

A friend, a retired U.S. Navy back surgeon told me my back pain would go away if I strengthened my core. It worked, but first, I discovered that stretching my ham string ended the pain within five seconds. Put foot on chair, while standing, and lean forward until the back of your thigh (hamstring) won’t stretch any further. After a few seconds, stand up and the pain should be gone. If not, try a different stretch.

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hi amy

stretching is what you need, as olivia said.

stand up straight, find the spot between standing with your bum out and standing with your pelvis tilted forward.

relax, tilt the pelvis for a few seconds and relax, repeat 8 times.

i get instant relief with this.

i tried to show my husband who suffers from back pain, but being a bloke he refuses to try!

if you can get to a pilates class they are great for the core.

carole x

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Thankyou for the advice x

hi jackie,

ive had lhermittes sign 3 times now it kept coming and going away at first it shocked me but then after about a month it disappeared its such an odd feeling to explain to someone. ive had an mri and had 6 lesions and my neurologist said i have ms. ive had a lumbure puncture so im just waiting on the results. its all such waiting games isnt it but leaves you feeling a bit paranoid in between. but hey ho life does go on… hahah

hope you are well

Amy x